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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Stupid Observations

So I am at the gas station this morning buying my morning scratch off ticket hoping that one day I can turn my car around and NOT go to work when I overheard this gem: "I'll have a pack of Carltun's...*pause*...In a box". Now I am no genius and I acknowledge that I did quit smoking like 7 months ago, but last I checked, cigarettes don't come any other way. Have you ever seen cigarettes in a can or a jar? Ever see the guy behind the counter give them to someone loose in a bag? Me either. So why the hell is it necessary to request them "in a box" when that is the only way you can have them in the first place?

The other interesting observation of the moment is that I just heard they may delay the space shuttle launch until September. Yesterday they were saying it was going to be delayed because of bad weather, so my initial thought was that they can't possibly be having bad weather from now until September, and that is when I found out there was a faulty fuel gauge and that is why I think this is stupid. The fuel guage says empty but its really full. So if they already know that the fuel tank is full, who cares that the guage says empty. What the hell is the difference? Say they are out in space and someone notices the fuel guage says empty. What are they going to do stop and fill up? The amount of fuel in the tank is obviously enough to get them there and back so why does it matter what the gauge says? I don't know either.


Blogger Queen of the Universe said...

I'm not a smoker but I've bought cigarettes for others. FYI, besides being sold in a "box" you can purchase them in a soft-sided pack. People, usually ladies, frequently buy these as they fit into those fancy cigarette cases better than a box.

7:50 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

They probably asked for them "In a box" because cigarettes also come in packs.

7:57 AM


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