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Monday, July 11, 2005

Insurance Fraud

As I get older and wiser and more in tune with my grown-up side, I notice certain things that I don't particularly like or agree with. Most of these things can't be changed. Like the fact that weekends will never be three days long during non-holiday situations. I have to deal with that.

But what I have to deal with and am being forced to deal with are two different things. In my opinion, insurance is the biggest scam going, and EVERYONE I have spoken to, including people that work for insurance companies agree with me. If you read this and agree or disagree, please leave a comment because with numbers, maybe we can do something about this. With your comment, leave your e-mail address, together hopefully we can stop the fraud being committed by these insurance companies and we can make a difference.

Let's have a little fun with the four major types of insurance: Auto, Medical, Life, and Homeowner's. Shall we??

Auto Insurance:

First off, I must admit that I have not had any problems with my auto insurance in the past few years. That is probably because I have not had to use them for anything and they just keep stealing my money. I pay $1650 a year for a service that I don't use. Well, at least haven't used in a while (Knock on wood). The last time I tried to use my insurance was when I was 20 and got into a really bad car accident. I was driving straight and a Corvette, driving on the opposite side of the road trying to make a left, decides to floor it and beat me to the point of where he was making the turn. (bear in mind there was nobody visibly behind me). So instead of waiting a few seconds for me to pass and make his left turn, the jackass floors it and SPLAT! Front of my car looked like an accordian and you couldn't tell if his car was a corvette or an accord. Both of us walked away unhurt (somehow). Now this guy comes over and says how he owns a body shop and lets go to his place and take care of it. Obviously I told him he was crazy because I was young and had't had the experience of getting my car wrecked or dealing with insurance companies. So I started getting to the point where I was going to beat the hell out of the guy and demanded that police get involved and we go through insurance. He didn't want to go through insurance but I was having it. After all, why should I care about him, it was all his fault and there is no possible way this could go any way but in my favor. So after 30 minutes of arguing with this guy, the cop finally shows up and we end up going through insurance. About a week later, I get a phone call from some woman at the insurance company that went something like this:

ME: Hello?

Woman: Hi, is this Craig?

ME: Yes

Woman: Hi, I am the stupid fucking cunt from the insurance company, how are you today?

ME: Um, ok, what is going on?

SFCFTIC: I am the adjuster and I just wanted to let you know your accident claim has been approved for 70%.

ME: 70% of what?

SFCFTIC: The total damage of your car.

ME: What do you mean only 70%? This guy crashed into me.

SFCFTIC: Well, from the angle of the damage and from the information in the police report, I have determined that you could have avoided this accident.

ME: Silence

SFCFTIC: Sir, hello?

ME: Are you fucking kidding me? You weren't even there. What qualifies you to assess the damage of an accident that you weren't even at?

SFCFTIC: That is my job sir.

ME: Well make it your job to go find my other 30% because this wasn't my fault.

SFCFTIC: I'm sorry sir, it has already been processed at 70%. You will have to pay the other 30% of the damage.

ME: I don't know how you can go home and look yourself in the face. Have a great fucking night.

My first major issue with this is how somebody that isn't present at an accident qualified to make an assessment of the damage? This accident was clearly no fault of mine and I got 70%. Complete bullshit. My second major issue was they then raised my rates because I used my insurance.

Uh huh.

So I pay $1650 to the insurance company, so that if by chance somebody crashes into me, somebody that wasn't at my accident will determine that I only deserve to be reimbursed for 70% of the damages, and then I get my rates raised after having to pay 30% of my damage out of my pocket.

Don't even get a speeding ticket. Rates get raised for that too, because you are a higher risk to them of having an accident. Lets not mention that when you get a ticket you don't use your insurance for any reason. Like if someone is going 40MPH in a 30MPH zone.

Because someone driving 40 is a huge risk of getting into an accident right?

So now, someone gets a speeding ticket for going 40 in a 30, and now their insurance rates go up when they didn't use their insurance for any reason. And if that ticket was in the same year as your accident, they can drop you if they want.

Basically, we are paying for a service that most of us never use and if we should need it for any reason, it gets more expensive, and in some cases they drop you altogether. But what happens when we don't use our insurance for a year? How about people that don't use their insurance for 5 or 10 years? Do they get a percentage refunded to them? No. The insurance company keeps every cent of it. We pay for a service that we don't use, if we use it it gets more expensive, they then decide when you attempt to use it if you even qualify for the full amount, and if you don't use if you get to keep paying and you don't get any money back. No wonder people try and scam insurance companies all the time, insurance companies scam their clients every day.


This one is new to me because I just bought a home this past year, but I don't like this one either. You can't buy a home without homeowner's insurance the way you can't buy a car without car insurance. And it pretty much covers nothing that happens to your home. Our homeowner's insurance is like $1300 a year (or something like that).

When we bought this house, there were two ginormous trees in the backyard that hung over the house. I figured that they were ok because if there was a hurricane and one fell on the house and there was any significant damage that the homeowner's would cover it. Nope. When I called to make sure it wouldn't be a problem I was told that "storm damage isn't covered." Right. So now I have to pay $1000 to have these two humongous trees cut down on the off chance that they will fall onto the house during a storm because insurance doesn't cover it. Know what else homeowner's insurance doesn't cover?

Termite damage.

So when you wake up and find bugs all over your kitchen and you don't know if the insides of your walls have been a lucnh buffet for the past 50 years or not, insurance won't cover having a wall cut open to check for damage, and they also won't pay for the exterminator bill when they have to come to your house and drill holes to put poison termite foam into your walls and foundation. They also don't pay to have those tiles in the floor replaced or the holes in the wall spackled.

Then I was discussing this with my Aunt and she explained to me that she had a shatter proof glass patio table blow over, and had an awning get ripped down both in the same wind storm. She called the Homeowner's insurance to file a claim to be told that they would not cover it because it was an act of God. Yup, an act of God.

Because God wants to play sick games with people's patio furniture to see if he can blow it over all the way from Heaven.

So this wind storm that was an act of God and definitely not an act of nature didn't qualify for insurance and oh yeah, raised her rates. What? Raised her rates? Yeah you heard right. She was told by the insurance company that when you file a homeowner's claim, even if they tell you your problem isn't covered under the insurance, it counts as a mark against you and your rates go up. Uh huh.

Anyone else out there think they are being scammed? Like I said before, please leave comments and e-mail this post to a friend. Maybe together we can make a difference. Don't forget to leave your e-mail address so that I can get a petition together to send to Washington. (or at least try to) Tomorrow Part 2 will be coming with my breakdown of Medical and Life insurance.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get this. I work for one of the largest Health Insurance Companies in the nation. The only choice I have for my families personal health insurance is a has a $1200 per person deductible and only pays 85% for "sick visits" up to an out-of-pocket maximum of $6000, then it covers 100%, if you go to an in -network doctor. Out of network is double deductible & maximums. We offer better plans that people can actually afford to go to the doctors when they are sick - - my company just won't offer those plans to us, the employees.

8:49 AM

Blogger runr53 said...

Don't think this will change anything, but guess you can try, good luck! Anonymous, and your working for them, why?

11:06 AM

Blogger aajkal14 said...

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11:22 AM


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