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Monday, July 18, 2005

$1000 McShopping Spree

How does a round of golf and a craving for McDonald's turn into a $1000 shopping spree?

Let me share.

My friend and I finished playing golf around 2pm on Sunday. We hadn't eaten all day and on the way home I decided that I had a craving for McDonald's. Not Wendy's. Not Burger King. McDonald's. So, after passing several fast food places on our way to get back onto the highway, I notice the Tangier Outlet center, where, uh huh, I happen to know they have a McDonald's. Now for those of youthat aren't from arounf here, the Tangier Outlet center is a GINORMOUS shopping center made up of Tangier I and Tangier II. After convincing my friend that I needed to pick up "a few things" at Old Navy, we turned into the outlet center and headed straight to food. After parking the car where I thought was near the food court, we walked a half-mile to the food court to find that there was no McDonald's. We end up eating the most digusting pizza ever, and now have realized that Old Navy is in Tangier II and we have to get back in the car and drive there.

Ready, Aim, Shop.

We make our way to the other shopping center to find you guessed it, McDonald's, right where it belongs, next to Old Navy. Now 30 minutes and 2 crappy slices of pizza later, I am a little annoyed and ready to shop. First we hit the NIKE outlet. Where I find out that new golf shoes are not actually $119, but $49.99. So I buy a pair, even though my current golf shoes are not completely falling apart yet. Then I buy a few other items and I "escape" from NIKE with $130 spent. $130 and I first have to go to Old Navy which is like my favorite store. We get there and there are huge back to school sales. Even though I am not going back to school I decided to take advantage. 40% off of lots of things. I bought like 40 items and upon checking out found out that if you apply for the store credit card and you buy over $125 of stuff you get an additional $25 off the whole bill.

Sign me up.

My entire bill was $163. I felt like I robbed the place. Now I need shoes. Off to Sketcher's. 1 pair of work shoes, 1 pair or everyday shoes, 1 pair of sandals, $98. Pretty freakin' good. So I look at my friend and decide that my wife is going to kill me. He looks at me and says "just make sure she knows this wasn't my idea." So I decide to ease the pain I should pick up something for her. I look up and there is Movado. 30 minutes and one "time piece" later, and I have a beatiful shiny new "I love you" gift. I just still want to know at what price a watch becomes a "time piece". That my friends is how you spend $1000 on a McDonald's craving.


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