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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Goodbye Old Friend

We have had some great times together. You have been there through it all, always right there for me whenever I needed something. You have never let me down. We have been through so much together. That time when I set the record in Vermont for most steak eaten in a night, you came through for me. When I tried to drink a beer an hour for a whole day, you were there for me. When I tried to eat taco bell for lunch every day for a month, you almost made it. We have had many Monday nights of .25 cent wings and $6 pitchers, and oh so many nights at China Buffet, but stomach, old pal, its time for us to part. I don't like to say goodbye, but I have been putting this off for way too long. You see I am getting older (30 this year), and I need to finally get my fat ass in shape.

So, with the help of my invisible cyberfriends support group, I am going to document my troubles and tribulations here and hopefully this time I can get rid of you for good. I have tried to run and hide from you but you always seem to find me. Everytime I think I have lost you, there you are, you always seem to find your way back. But not this time. I am getting rid of you for good. I know my fat and my body have become really good friends, so it will be difficult for them to part, but this must happen. RIP big fat party animal, hello medium sized party animal. Maybe one day it will be skinny party animal, but for now, medium sized party animal will be fine.

Now, my goal isn't to look like the Olson twins or Lindsey Lohan. You will not find me at a restraunt for bulemics called the fork and bucket. I will not melt away to skin and bones (Yes I have bones I felt one the other day). But I will get myself healthy and in shape, and I am hoping that my invisible support group will somehow manage to root me on and help me along the way.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have inspired me to say good bye as well. My fat and I are true best freinds and friends don't let each other down but in this case my true best friend is a food bully. Fairwell "cheech". For you Grandma good luck and may the force be with you.

1:26 PM

Blogger Mom on the run said...

I'll support ya! You'll have to support me too - I have 25lbs of prego weight to lose...

10:53 AM


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